What you need:

  • 100 grams (1/4 lb)  Juniper
  • Food Processor/Blender
  • EssenEx Home Distillation Kit
  • (Optional) Rubber Gloves

To get started:

Studies conducted at Oregon State University show that the concentration of the oil in the berries is about 6x the amount found in just the needles.  It is recommended to use either a mixture of needles and berries or just berries when using juniper in your distillation kit.

Step 1)

Collect juniper needles and/or berries by trimming or handpicking from juniper plants.  You will want about 100g of plant material per extraction.

Step 2)

Place the collect juniper in your food processor/blender (preferably one with a glass container as the the juniper is very sticky and is hard to remove from plastic).  Grind to the point that all of the berries are broken open.

Step 3)

Place the ground juniper in the EssenEx home distillation kit for 6.5 minutes on HIGH power.  Follow the directions found in the user manual.

Hints:  Juniper can be stored in the freezer for periods of up to a year and still retain oil.  Allow time for the Juniper to thaw before extraction.