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Meet Our Team

Dr. David Hackleman

(Ph.D.), Oregon State University alumni and faculty, original designer and head advisor of the Oregon State Sustainable Energy Initiative. David Hackleman holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He recently retired as Chief Technologist, Technology Development Operation at Hewlett-Packard in Corvallis.

Bill Dean

After a combat tour of duty in Vietnam in the late 60’s, Bill began working at Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto on the HP 35 as a component part quality specialist. His career with HP spanned 3 decades and included responsibility for development and management of measurement and environmental labs for calculators and, in the late 80’s, InkJet print cartridges. During his career with HP, Bill developed many unique test fixtures used to ensure part quality and consistency for worldwide production. After retiring Bill became an entrepreneur at Oregon State University and managed the student team that received the original patent for the EssenEx.

Jonathan Lebsack

(M.S.), Chemical Engineering, recent Oregon State University graduate, received his B.S. at Oregon State in June 2010 in chemical engineering. He then completed his masters thesis on improved sustainability of essential oil extraction using microwaves instead of conventional steam distillation. He graduated with his Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering in March 2012.