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Lavender Oil DIY

How To Get Started With Your DIY Lavender Oil Extraction

Are you a lavender oil enthusiast? Have you always been interested in extracting your own lavender essential oil? Here at OilExTech, our EssenEx® lavender oil diy extraction kits make extracting lavender oil at home possible. You will find that making your own lavender essential oil is a fun and rewarding hobby.

Lavender Oil DIY

DIY Lavender oil smells beautiful and has a variety of uses. This lovely oil can be used for topical, aromatic and internal use, and additionally has many health benefits. Lavender essential oil helps to relieve stress and anxiety, reduce tension, clean cuts and bruises, prevent insomnia, aid in digestion, encourage blood circulation and even helps you have a restful sleep.

Follow our instructions below and have fun extracting lavender — in the comfort of your own home! If you have questions, please send your inquiries to OilExTech and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the diy lavender oil extraction process.

Items Needed

To get started with your lavender oil diy extraction, some of the things you will need to get started for your setup are one of our EssenEx® 100 A extraction kits and 50-100 grams of fresh or frozen lavender per batch. Please visit our lavender oil extraction process page for additional information.

homemade lavender oil


We recommend that you remove as much of the lavender stem as possible before extraction. You can follow our manual for further details on lavender oil diy extraction.

The Extraction Process

  • Set the reactor and a mug of water into your microwave. (Should you have more than one batch, please change water between each trial.)
  • Each batch should run for 6-8 minutes on power setting “High” (or 1100 watts).

Very Important Step! Allow the batch to cool for two minutes inside the microwave. Once these two minutes are complete, carefully remove the reactor and let it cool for an additional two minutes on a cloth. Before opening the lid!


Once you have finished the lavender oil diy extraction process, you may pour top contents of the beaker into the separator flask and rotate it using your palms of your hands while resting it on a cloth on a hard surface. (The motion described should be like kindling a fire with sticks.) After a few moments, stop rotating and check the oil layer. Once the oil is separated above the hydrosol in the neck of the flask, use the pipette to place it in a vial. Finally, use the hydrosol as you wish.

Lavender Oil DIY Recipes

Lavender oil diy is great for baths, massages, as a pillow refresher or even as an insect repellent. For a list of possible recipes for lavender essential oil, please see our lavender essential oil recipes page. DIY lavender oil extraction is fun and easy with simple cleanup! Please contact us today for more information regarding our extraction kits.