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We’re sorry we have to suspend operations January 1, 2021.

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While OilExTech, LLC is currently located in Oregon, USA, it can easily be moved practically anywhere world-wide! Phone number no longer works - any interested parties please email us at chance@oilextech.com.

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EssenEx® Oil Extraction Kits

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EssenEx® 100A (Advanced) Essential Oil Extraction Kit


The EssenEx® 100A Essential Oil Home Extraction Kit is the world’s fastest extraction kit. This patented product, developed at Oregon State University, uses the same technique found in traditional steam distillation but works through your home microwave! The outcome? More convenient and higher quality essential oil made right in your home in just 6 minutes! Whether you use essential oils for medicinal, therapeutic, culinary, or other purposes, you can save time and money with this revolutionary product.

This kit includes everything you need to extract separate and store your own essentials you grow in your garden. Each time you use your extractor you will yield up to 3.5 g of oil depending on the plant material and 7-9 oz. of hydrosol. One run uses 50-100+g (1/8 – ¼ lbs) of plant material.

The 100A (Advanced) includes Ice Molds, Stands and Insulators to improve Ice core (condenser) along with a Silicone Insulator Pad and Packaging Design to allow you to easily store product when not in use.

EssenEx® 100E (Economy) Essential Oil Extraction Kit


The EssenEx® 100E Essential Oil Home Extraction Kit is the same device as the EssenEx100A but with only two Ice Mold Sets and fewer pipettes and vials.

EssenEx®-300 Essential Oil Extraction Kit

$399.00 $349.00

The EssenEx®-300, inspired from customers wanting a higher capacity, triples the botanical volume capacity while at only costing about twice as much. It is a smart investment for entrepreneurs making soaps, creams and other care products, aroma therapists and folks that have a fragrance farm store such as many lavender growers. This is also a great option for home schools and K-12 chemistry labs. It is larger than the 100, and requires a microwave with a vertical clearance of no less than 9.5 inches (240mm).

Triple capacity.

EssenEx® 100A (Advanced) Essential Oil Extraction Kit – 2 Pack (Save $20)


A Special 2-Pack of our Newest and most popular unit! Two (2) EssenEx® 100A (Advanced) packaged together, with a $20 discount. On top of that, you will save money on shipping cost per unit as well! Packaged individually in one shipping box therefore reducing the cost of shipping per unit.

EssenEx® 100 Series Educator’s Parts Kit


Sometimes, things break. If you are an Educator, and if it is in the middle of class time and you have a bunch of young active minds watching, it would be great to have the repair parts you need! This kit has the items that are hard to find easily, could break, or get lost.