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Frankincense Essential Oil Extraction Process

Frankincense Oil Extraction Process

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Frankincense Oil Extraction

What you need:


  • Weight the plant material.
  • Use a blender to make the botanical material powder.
  • Add water to powder with ratio ½ ml water per gram of Frankincense potential mass (½:1 by mass).
  • Mix until it is a consistent paste.
  • Place in EssenEx as describe in User Manual.


  • Place the reactor into the microwave with one mug of water.
  • If multiple batches are run, change water in the mug between trials.
  • Each batch should run for 5.5 minutes on a power setting of HIGH (1100 watts)
  • Lower power units: simply add 30 seconds to a minute for the cooking phase.
  • Allow the batch to cool for 6 minutes. 3 minutes inside the microwave and 3 minutes outside the microwave and be careful if moving from the microwave, as jar will be quite warm initially.


  • Pour top contents of the beaker into the easy separator and rotate it using the palms of your hands while resting it on a cloth (kitchen towel) on a hard surface (counter top). The motion should be similar to starting a fire with sticks.
  • After a few seconds, stop rotating the separator and observe the oil layer.
  • Repeat the process if you believe more oil will collect.
  • Once the oil is separated (above the hydrosol in the neck of the flask), use the pipette to place it in a vial.


  • Upon lifting the lid, a small amount of ice should be remaining on screw.
  • If not, then reduce the amount of water added.
  • With nominally good frankincense, 3% to 3.5% by mass.
  • 100 grams yields roughly 3.0 to 3.5 ml oil.

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