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Melt and Pour Soap Essential Oil Extraction Process

Melt and Pour Soap

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Distill Your Own Fragrance Soap

Now using our own EssenEx® 100 Distillation Kit, you can make fragrance soap, or “melt and pour soap” in the comfort of your own home!

What you need:
– EssenEx® 100 Distillation Kit
Fragrance botanical material you wish to use – ( lavender, Juniper, etc.)
– “Melt-and-Pour” soap (available at craft and hobby stores)
– Glass heat-resistant container (the beaker from the EssenEx® Kit, for example)
– Plastic or Silicone soap bar molds (or-wax-paper lined small cake pan)
– Dye concentrates (if you wish to have a color to the soap)
– Pot or ceramic dish ( for hot water to heat glass container)
– Wooden Spoon
– Scale (optional)
– Select fragrance desired and extract the essential oils from the plant material.
Start with one extraction run of oil for one batch
– Select quantity of melt –and-pour soap for batch
1 or ½ pound (225-450 grams) is an easy size to consider for a first run
The beaker holds 225 grams reasonably well….
– Place all materials in a convenient space, such as a kitchen counter.
– Make an appropriate portion of the dye based on its instructions and your preference
– Add 2 cups of water to the pot and bring to a light boil
One easy way is to use a ceramic dish in your microwave!
Or go ahead and use your stove with a soup pot.
– Place glass container (beaker) in the water bath
Add melt-and-pour soap
Stir occasionally with wooden spoon until melted
Add essential oil and dye concentrate
Mix thoroughly until color is consistent or as desired.
Pour soap into molds and let cool at room temperature over night.
Remove and Enjoy!

For any questions regarding making your own essential oil soap, please contact us at Info@oilextech.com or fill out our Customer Feedback at our website: www.oilextech.com/contact-us/