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We’re sorry we have to suspend operations January 1, 2021.

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Interested in purchasing the company?

While OilExTech, LLC is currently located in Oregon, USA, it can easily be moved practically anywhere world-wide! Phone number no longer works - any interested parties please email us at chance@oilextech.com.

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Troubleshooting Questions

Why am I not getting any oil?

This is most likely because the plant material you are running is too dry or does not contain enough plant material to extract any oil. Try to use plants that contain 1-2% oil yield/ Check out this page to get a basic understanding of how much oil each plant contains.

Make sure you have removed the plastic ice mold and ice mold disc from the kit prior to running the unit in the microwave. This is necessary to expose the ice in order for the condensation to occur and oil to collect in the beaker.

Make sure the ice has had proper time to fully freeze.

There should be a small amount of ice left immediately at the end of the microwaving period. If all of the ice is melted while the microwave is running you risk losing and doing damage to the oil. A little ice at the end will help cool and condense the remaining vapors in the kit.


This can happen for several reasons.

First the upper shield may not be sitting flat on the lid of the jar. This can happen if the upper shield gets bent. Please set the upper shield upside down and see if it sits level on the flat surface.

Arcing can also occur when the ice core is not frozen in the center. This can cause the ice core/condenser to move the upper shield so it is not resting flat on the jar.

If arcing continues please email us or call 541-602-6410