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The Truth about Microwave Radiation

Microwave Radiation

Most people are worried that microwave radiation will affect the quality of their oil; here we will discuss why it is not an issue in the EssenEx-100.

First let’s discuss what microwave radiation is and how it is different from other forms of energy.  Microwaves are just another form of electromagnetic waves which is a fancy term that explains how energy can travel from the sun to the earth without losing heat.  Think about cooking a turkey with your oven but the turkey is on the other side of the room.  All heat/energy we receive from the sun is electromagnetic waves (radiation).

What are some types of electromagnetic radiation and what do they do?

Radio waves- radiation that lets us listen to the radio

Visible light- radiation that allows us to see different colors, light bulbs, everything we can see with our eyes uses this form of radiation

Ultra Violet- radiation is what helps us tan, helps purify water and kill bacteria; too much is a bad thing

These are all types of waves released by the suns at all times!  Believe it or not microwaves contain less energy than the visible light we see with our eyes!  But if they contain less energy how do they work?

Because of the molecular structure of water the oxygen molecule creates a negative charge on one side of the molecules while the two hydrogen molecules create a positive side.  It looks kind of like a very small magnet but instead of north/south you have positive/negative.

When the microwaves pass by the water molecules they cause them to spin and rotate kind of like if you kept spinning one of your magnets the other would move with it.  When molecules spin more they bump into each other and this causes them to heat up.  Eventually the water will heat up to the point it turns into steam.  What can cause damage to the essential oil molecules is not exposure to microwaves but rather extended periods at high temperature.  This is why the EssenEx-100 is such a good alternative to using steam distillation; steam distillation can take up to 4 hours, this is a long time for damage to occur to oil molecules.  The EssenEx-100 takes only 6-8 minutes at the same or slightly lower temperature and immediately protects the condensed oils with special shielding.

Thanks for reading, please let us know if you have any further questions about this subject we can help you answer!

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