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The Truth about Microwave Radiation

Microwave Radiation Most people are worried that microwave radiation will affect the quality of their oil; here we will discuss why it is not an issue in the EssenEx-100. First let’s discuss what microwave radiation is and how it is different from other forms of energy.  Microwaves are just another form of electromagnetic waves which […]
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Extracting Orange Oil with the EssenEx-100

Extracting limonene (Orange Oil) from Citrus “zest” using the EssenEx-100®   Orange (and other Citrus) Oil is predominantly composed of the chemical limonene.   This compound has many interesting properties as can be learned from internet and other resources. IN particular, it is considered an anti-oxidant as well as a natural cleaning agent.   In our case, […]
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Extracting Frankincense Oil with the EssenEx-100

Extracting Frankincense Oil with the EssenEx-100 Welcome readers, This blog post will feature instructions on using our revolutionary, patented EssenEx-100 essential oil distillation kit to extract your own Frankincense essential oil. Check out the instructions below, and make sure to leave a comment with any thoughts you have! What you need:        –        EssenEx® 100 […]
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