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We’re sorry we have to suspend operations January 1, 2021.

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Interested in purchasing the company?

While OilExTech, LLC is currently located in Oregon, USA, it can easily be moved practically anywhere world-wide! Phone number no longer works - any interested parties please email us at info@oilextech.com.

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EssenEx® Oil Extraction Kits

Pipettes 1ml (Set of 10 – Universal Part)


Non-sterile, disposable low density polyethylene pipettes. Perfect for transferring oils and liquids between vials or to measure out oil by drop count. Pipettess are re-usable but it is recommended to have a designated pipette for each oil you extract and transfer to vials.


1 mL Graduated Transfer Pipettes, 1/4 mL grads

Pack of 10


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