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We’re sorry we have to suspend operations January 1, 2021.

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While OilExTech, LLC is currently located in Oregon, USA, it can easily be moved practically anywhere world-wide! Phone number no longer works - any interested parties please email us at info@oilextech.com.

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EssenEx® Oil Extraction Kits

Advanced Ice Mold Kit for EssenEx® 100A (Backward Compatible with EssenEx® 100)


Ice Core Molds & Stands for the EssenEx® 100A. The Advanced Ice Mold is an upgraded design of the original EssenEx® 100 and is backward compatible. Extra Ice Cores are key for those interested in doing multiple extractions per day. This kit has Five Complete Sets, and one Silicone pad. Each set includes a stand, Ice Mold, Ice pin with anchor nut, white separator disk and white foam insulator. After 24 hours in the freezer the White Insulator Foam and Separator Disk are removed, and it is screwed into the knob above the lid. Then the clear ice mold is removed and you are ready to condense. The Disk & Insulator recess into the Ice Mold to “center” the Ice Core Pin within the mold.


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