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Extracting Frankincense Oil with the EssenEx-100

Extracting Frankincense Oil with the EssenEx-100

Welcome readers,

This blog post will feature instructions on using our revolutionary, patented EssenEx-100 essential oil distillation kit to extract your own Frankincense essential oil. Check out the instructions below, and make sure to leave a comment with any thoughts you have!

What you need:       

–        EssenEx® 100 Distillation Kit

–        50-60 grams of Frankincense Tears (Sap Deposits).

–   Cleaning supplies to remove sticky sap:

–   Orange oil / degreasing fluid, wooden scraper and soap


–        After weighing plant material use a blender or grinder to make it a fine powder.

–        Add water to powder with ratio ½ ml water per gram of Frankincense.

–        Mix until it is a consistent paste and evenly coat the inside of the lower portion of the outer wall of the reactor main vessel.

–        Follow EssenEx® Home Distillation User Manual for the non-plant specific preparation.


–        Place the reactor into the microwave with one mug of water.

o   If multiple batches are run, change water in the mug between trials.

–        Each batch should run for 7 minutes on a power setting of HIGH (1100 watts)

o   Lower power units: simply add 30 seconds to a minute for the cooking phase.

–        A key step: Allow the batch to cool for two minutes inside the microwave. Once these two minutes are complete, carefully remove the reactor and let it cool for an additional two minutes on a cloth the counter… Before opening the lid!


–        Pour top contents of the beaker into the easy separator and rotate it using the palms of your hands while resting it on a cloth (kitchen towel) on a hard surface (counter top). The motion should be similar to starting a fire with sticks.

–        After a few seconds, stop rotating the separator and observe the oil layer.

–        Repeat the process if you believe more oil will collect.

–        Once the oil is separated (above the hydrosol in the neck of the flask), use the pipette to place it in a vial.


–        Take all internal parts of the reactor (Beaker and Shields)

–        Add a layer of water that covers sap and place in microwave. Run for 5 minutes.

–        Using heat resistant gloves take out and scrape the bottom freeing all the material stuck. Empty contents into a disposable container to allow cooling.

–        When done running trials for the day, put all parts into the reactor and mix soap, degreasing fluid, and water into the container and soak. Scrub, rinse thoroughly, dry.

–        –or- Wiping with Orange Oil and a towel may work!


For any question please contact us and/or fill out our customer feedback form!

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