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Welcome to the OilExTech Affiliate Portal

We invite you to help others discover the amazing EssenEx™-100. We are pleased to announce the launch of our Affiliate Program where you will get recognition and compensation.

As you know, the EssenEx™-100 is Fast, Easy and Safe. The EssenEx™-100 allows the user to obtain Superior Quality Essential Oil directly from Botanicals they have harvested or obtained.

  • FAST: Only 6 to 8 minutes compared to 1½ to 2 hours for other extraction tools.
  • EASY: Use and clean-up is a snap with well-crafted, dishwasher friendly parts.
  • SAFE: Totally enclosed inside one’s microwave oven during operation means far reduced risk of steam burns, fire hazards, and spills.
  • PURE: Independent research has shown these microwave distilled oils are of higher quality than conventional steam distillation.

The kit includes everything needed to extract oils from fresh, frozen, or dried (but rehydrated) botanicals with one’s microwave oven and experience fantastic results!

This program is an easy way for you to share your experiences and how to obtain the EssenEx™ tool with folks that know you. Our system allows you to easily display our product materials through your web pages, forums, email marketing efforts and other online channels as you choose. We provide product info for you and custom banners to help attract attention.

In promoting the EssenEx™-100, you are helping others discover this unique device! You deserve to get some credit! Our Affiliate Program will track visitors that link to us from your various traffic avenues. If a visitor makes a purchase from OilExTech, the program will keep track of that activity resulting in a commission for you based on the order total. A quarterly report will be sent to you and the data is always available online as well.

For your convenience order management and customer service needs will be the responsibility of OilExTech and this includes customer questions, special requests and post order support. Anyone purchasing an OilExTech product through your referral will be treated as every OilExTech Customer with access to all technical support and receives a full Warranty on our products.

OilExTech Affiliate Portal Help Desk

We want the OilExTech Affiliate Program to be as easy as possible for you. If you would like additional details on how the program works please click the “DOCUMENTATION” icon to the right. We provide descriptions with images to help give a good demonstration of the tools that will be available to you.

If you have questions beyond the documentation and would like to speak directly with an OilExTech representative please give us a call at 541-602-6410 at anytime as we are always happy to help.

If you would like to submit an email question about our Affiliate Program please Contact Us at anytime.