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Logging In

On this page you can log into your account. To log into your account click HERE

If you have not registered for an affiliate account you can click HERE to submit your request.

Tracking URLs

In this area you can get the tracking URLs you need to add to your particular online avenues. You will be able to enter the page URL you want to send your visitors to and our system will generate the URL for you automatically. All you will need to do is copy the custom URL so you can add it to your system as needed.

Our system will also allow you to setup “Campaigns” so you can track which online avenues are generating the most success for you. For example: If you have a blog that you will be adding a link to our website on you can create a campaign named “blog” and this tracking parameter will be included in the tracking URL so you can see stats regarding visitors you referred from your blog.


In this area you can view data regarding the visitors you referred to us. You can view overall visits, conversion rate, paid & unpaid earnings.

If you utilize the “Campaigns” feature you will be able to view statistics based on your campaigns as well as overall statistics.


In this area you can view data regarding your successful referrals. You will be able to see the date the order was placed, the products purchased, the referral fee amount & the status of the referral payment.


In this area you can view data in regards to all visitors you have sent to our website. You will be able to see the date of the visit, the URL the visitor came from & the status of the visit (converted or not yet converted).

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In this area you have access to the “Creatives” that have been created for you to use in your marketing efforts. Our creatives will be banners, images or logos that you can use providing more detailed links to our website.

You can create your own banners if you would like, but we provide these options to make everything as easy as possible for you.

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In this area you can update your payment email address and update your referral notification settings.

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