How To Make Essential Oil

Everyone loves essential oils, but it’s no secret that it can get a bit expensive to keep purchasing these oils on an ongoing basis. For example, 5 ml of Oregon Lavender Oil can cost over $10 from some retailers. If you are an essential oil enthusiast, you are probably getting frustrated with keeping your oil stock up and would be willing to explore a long term solution to make your own essential oils from home. Below we will show you the primary two options you have if you are wondering how to make essential oil.

Let’s consider a few alternatives to buying essential oils online that will save you both time and money in the long run. The first option is known as steam distillation, and it works like this. First, you will need to gather plant material by either purchasing plants or growing your own.  Next, you spend anywhere from $400 to a few thousands of dollars on a steam distillation kit. Then, you will need to invest in a fuel source, this is either a hotplate or a gas burner to create the steam. Now, you are ready to start making your own essential oil from home. Steam distillation comes in very handy if you are hoping to produce large amounts of essential oils. You do have to invest a fair bit up front, but once you have the equipment you need, you are in a good position to go after some good-sized production. This works well if you plan on reselling some of your oil or if you have other needs for significant amounts of oil. For the average consumer however, this can often be a bit much. If you are just curious how to make essential oil for your own personal use, you may not have enough need to spend all the upfront money on a steam distillation kit.

A better option for the everyday consumer is a product we have created here at OilExTech called the EssenEx-100. This product is the world’s first and only microwaveable home essential oil distillation kit. This product uses the same principles to extract oil as conventional steam distillation however it is using microwave energy as the clean fuel source.  In just 6 minutes you can create your own essential oils from home by using your microwave. Although not quite as high powered as steam distillation kits, our kit is catered more towards individuals looking to make their own oil for personal use, yields higher quality oil, and costs 50-90% less than steam distillation kits.

Those are the two main options out there for those interested in how to make essential oils. Steam distillation is a good bet if you are looking to mass produce large quantities of essential oil, and the EssenEx-100 is a great option if you are looking for a more individual solution.

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