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10 Great Uses for Essential Oils

As you may already know, essential oils can be used for many different things. But are you aware of how versatile these oils really are? Below we will take an in-depth look at ten of our favorite uses of essential oils.

1) Homemade soaps and lotions — save some money and customize your soaps and lotions based on your favorite oils!

2) Massage oils — Skip the store-bought stuff and go natural to enhance your relaxation experience.

3) Hair care — Nothing will keep your hair shining like essential oil. Besides, do you really know where your old shampoo and conditioner are coming from?

4) Vaporizers and Diffusers — Keep the room smelling great! You can also save a fair bit of money by being creative in this manner.

5) Floral Waters — Add a wonderful scent to your home by utilizing essential oils through misting.

6) Remove Grease and Oil — Lemon oil works great for this! This can be one of the best uses of essential oils.

7) Fabric Scent — Add lavender oil to your dryer during a no heat cycle after the normal drying cycle for a great finishing touch.

8) Cleaning / Dishwashing — Lemon oil and also grapefruit oil can be used very effectively in this way.

9) Therapeutic — Our bodies respond to natural rhythms, and essential oils are a great way to tap into those cycles.

10) Sanitation — Lemon, grapefruit, and other oils can serve as general purpose sanitizers.

Here are our to 10 uses of essential oils. If you have other ideas, feel free to share in the comments!

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