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Essential Oils for Massages

Essential Oil Extraction for Massage Therapy

Essential oil extraction can be used in a variety of ways including massages, yoga, aromatherapy, and for healing the body. Many people utilize essential oil extraction for massage therapy to relax and calm their muscles, relieve stress and anxiety, and reduce tension. Essential oil extraction for massage therapy will not only enhance your massage, but give you the extra relaxation you may need, while uplifting your mood. In fact, there are many essential oil recipes you can make yourself. Try making homemade oregano massage oil or homemade peppermint oil for topical use to calm your muscles before you begin your massage. You can make your own essential oils for yoga by purchasing one of our essential oil extraction kits.

Homemade Essential Oils for Massages

Whether you are making your own homemade essential oils for massage or just want to use them for aromatherapy, our essential oil extraction kits are the perfect choice. Simply distill your own essential oils for massages in minutes with just a few tools. The best part is, cleanup is easy compared to other essential oil distillation methods. In fact, it is the world’s fastest distillation kit available online. In addition, it’s a safe method to make your own homemade essential oils for massage therapy, because they reduce steam burns and fire hazards. If you want more information or massage essential oils recipes, contact us today!

Health Benefits of Essential Oils for Massages

  • Reduces pain and discomfort
  • Calms the body and muscles
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Reduces depression
essential oils for massage therapy

homemade oregano oil

Oregano Massage Oil Recipe


12 drops oregano oil
1 oz carrier oil

Mix and enjoy oregano’s muscle soothing characteristics in addition to the benefits of the massage. Oregano can cause skin irritation for some, so test it out before you go for a full massage with this recipe.