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Success Stories

Success Stories

Are you curious about the EssenEx®100A? Have something you want to share? Keep reading for some of our best success stories, along with a form to submit your own at the bottom of the page!

From Maria Jacketti:

“Yay, I made oil of coconut geranium this afternoon, and mixed it with the rose geranium. It is neat to make this kind of one of a kind oil. I have to admit I am just as thrilled with the hydrosols as I am with the oils. I’ve been misting the rooms, my face, my arms, my family, my cats, the rooms…. David, this is genius, and really not hard to use at all.
My plan over the next few days before frost is to try to get some pineapple sage, and one or two of the mints. Maybe rue or tansy, since I have tons of those herbs. And I’m growing this crazy mint called “marshmallow mint.” We will see. I will report on the results. Love love love this.”

Another from Maria:

“Beautiful — I worked with orange mint today — what a complex and amazing plant. The hydrosol is pure heaven, spicy, minty, with overtones of perfume orange.”

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