Best Essential Oil Distillation Kit – Home Extraction In Minutes

Years of development have lead to the world’s fastest essential oil distillation kit! Did we mention it can all be done from your home using a microwave? A few minutes is all it takes.

We were sick of slow moving, clunky, hard to clean essential oil distillation kits that had lack luster returns. So today we are going to solve all the problems with typical oil extraction.

Introducing The EssenEx 100A – Essential Oil Distillation Kit

  • The EssenEx is the world’s fastest distillation kit
  • It produces high quality oils from essential oil bearing plants
  • It produces clear hydrosol immediately
  • Is quick and easy to clean
  • Great for DIY essential oil distillation

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1: Prepare Ice Cores

Fill the ice mold with 230mL of water. Any water can be used but we recommend spring or filtered water for the best results. Place insulator on top with screw dipping into the water. Place in freezer and allow at least 24 hours for solid ice to form. Now that that’s out of the way we can begin.

Step 1 Essential oil Distillation Kit

Step 2: Place Essential Oil Plant In Glass Container

Place the lower shield in the glass container and begin to surround the shield with 50 to 200 grams of your desired plant material. The plant material should be evenly and loosely distributed, avoiding any tightly packed areas. Next, place the beaker inside the lower shield and upper shield on top of the beaker.

Step 2 Essential oil Distillation Kit

Step 3: Assemble the Lid and Ice Core

Slowly remove the ice core from the mold. Remove the white disk from the ice core. Suspend the ice core from the inside of the lid and secure by screwing on the lids knob. Place the lid with the ice core into the unit.

Essential oil Distillation Kit

Step 4: Microwave

Fill the provided mug 3/4 full wth water. Place the silicone pad on the microwaves turn table. Finally place the EssenEx 100A on the pad with the mug next to it. Run microwave for 6-8 minues (900W-1100W microwaves). More powerful microwaves may require less time. Once the timer is up let the EssenEx cool before removing it. DO NOT TOUCH WITH BARE HANDS.

Essential oil Distillation Kit

Step 5: Separate The Oil

Remove the beaker from the glass container and place on level surface. Essential oil will be floating as a thin film on the surface. Carefully pour the first 1/4 liquid into the 50mL volumetric flask in one slow continuous motion. Fill most of the neck of the flask. Rub your hands together with the flask between them to cause a twisting motion for the flask. This will help separate the essential oil. Now all that’s left to do is use the pipette to carefully draw the oil and place in glass vial storage.

Step 5 essential oil Distillation Kit

Congratulations you’ve now just extracted around 3.5 g of high quality essential oil in just a few minutes. There’s virtually no mess and the cleanup is a breeze. Leave a comment below telling us which plant you’d use first with the EssenEx 100A!

For a more detailed explanation you can read our manuals here.

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