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Effective 31 August 2016 until otherwise noted by OilExTech, LLC.

OilExTech, LLC offers the following compensation for affiliates:

Upon notification of your acceptance as an affiliate and whenever any customer utilizes a “creative” assigned to you via the OilExTech Affiliates program to execute an order of OilExTech Products, the Gross sales amount excluding shipping will be recorded as a sale due to your promotion of the OilExTech Product line. You may observe the progress via the affiliates program.

Upon execution of a minimum of $150.00 USD in transactions of this nature, your affiliate account will be credited with 8% of the transaction as your compensation.

Once cumulative orders exceed $1500.00 USD, your rate will increase to 12%.


Payment of the balance of the compensation credits for the calendar quarter will be performed by OilExTech within 30 days (one month) of the close of the quarter via a check drawn on a US Bank and mailed to the address you specify unless another method is mutually agreed between OilExTech, LLC and you as an affiliate.


In the event the rate from your affiliate activity is significantly higher than the normal OilExTech Returns Rate (Our rate is less than 0.5%), you will be notified and future compensation may have deduction for returns.


OilExTech Warranty applies to all products sold by your affiliation.


Direct any questions to Please include your affiliate referral number.